Olga Smirnova – SUPERNOVA – Film

We premiere a new documentary about Olga Smirnova, the Prima Ballerina with the Bolshoi Ballet. The film is dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the Ballerina’s creative journey.


Film by Alisa Aslanova

From the author of the film:

I met Olga almost at the very beginning of her creative journey. I remember, 10 years ago everyone was talking about a wonder girl from the Vaganova Ballet Academy, who came to dance in the Bolshoi Theatre. After her first show “La Bayadere” it became clear that in spite of a very young age, a unique ballerina appeared – the ballerina with her own attitude and artistic manner. This film isn’t about achievements and biography, it’s about the personality – sincere, brave, exceptionally beautiful. In my opinion, her attitude towards the profession made Olga a star. In general, her roles speak for her, roles created during these years – so natural, so unique, boundlessly honest. It’s impossible not to admire her skill to serve the ballet art, to build the multi-layered performances, to bring the profound sense into the dance and to transmit all these things through plasticity. Through all these 10 years Olga is still so full of thirst for discoveries, she looks for new ways of self-developing without losing an ability to appreciate the business of her life. For me she is a real Supernova, who is beginning to shine ever brighter on a current step of her artistic career.

Original article Olga Smirnova – SUPERNOVA – Film on La Personne.

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