Mata Hari, the ghost woman created from legends and mysteries… Her personality is so controversial that it still intrigues people’s minds and souls. Her destiny makes us think of why her life has turned so tragically and what occasions have become the pointe of no return.

«This film is my subjective view to Matа Hari’s life. This is not a biography, but mostly an attempt to overthink a moment when the fractures have occurred, the fractures which have led to a tragedy. I think this video is a visual metaphor, and I dedicate it to everyone who is interested in exploring a case under different angles and who always sets his own opinion».

Film by Alisa Aslanova

Starring Ana Turazashvili

Jewelry Tiffany & Co.

Costume design Olga Lysova

Hair accessory design Irina Ablitsova

MUAH Dasha Agafonova

Heartfelt thanks to Ekaterina Bornovitskaya, Diana Klochko & Maxim Dolinin

Original article MATA HARI on La Personne.

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