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Naomi Whittel, the founder/CEO of Reserveage, a line of beauty and wellness vitamins and supplements, can vouch for their power. She’s spent a decade in the wellness world and is sharing new research on living longer and better in her book Glow15: A Science-Based Plan to Lose Weight, Revitalize Your Skin, and Invigorate Your Life. She gives us the scoop on supplements and her new book.

Why did you found Reserveage Nutrition?

I wanted to create pure and potent ingredients that would be efficacious. I have always believed that nature can be our pharmacy. When I was younger, I used herbal supplements to treat my severe eczema, and was happy with the results. But, then when I was trying to get pregnant, I was stunned to discover that my body was riddled with toxins. And I was even more shocked when my doctor revealed the cause: contaminated supplements. I couldn’t believe the very thing that cured me also made me sick. At that moment, I vowed that no woman—or man—should be in the same predicament. I made it my mission to promote wellness with high-quality natural products and sustainably sourced ingredients, and I called the science-based brand Reserveage.

Why do you think beauty supplements are gaining traction now?

When I walked through retailers’ doors back in 2009 with a collagen beauty supplement, I was met with uncertainty. It was the first they’d heard of it. Since then, the beauty-from-within category has experienced exponential growth with celebrities and social influencers contributing to its newfound position as a mainstream lifestyle benefit. Also fueling the category are new and exciting delivery systems that enable a crossover into functional food products.

What should people look for in a beauty supplement?

There are two important qualities to look for in a beauty supplement. The first is trademarked sources, which guarantees traceability and consistency in the entire processing and manufacturing process. It ensures the ingredient sources checks out, best practices are met, and there is actual science behind the testing. The second quality is that the trademarked ingredient is clinically proven in human research to give you a more accurate picture of the results it could offer.

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